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New Beginnings - What's in a Name?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

This new business venture has been on my mind for a while. Tired of waiting around I felt a need to make things happen. I’m in charge now! As scary as that might feel.

So, what does the name Red Kitty mean? This name and this business are a tribute to my late parents who both passed away in 2019. My Mum & Dad were always Mum & Dad – or Kath & Phil - until one night back in 2002 when my now husband asked them, “So what shall I call you? Kath & Phil? Mr & Mrs Teasdale? Mum & Dad?”

My Mum looked at him & with a throaty cackle replied, “Just call us Red & Kitty!” They had been watching a lot of That Seventies Show at the time, I think. We all had a good giggle & just like that Red & Kitty were born. Later to become Grandad Red & Grandma Kitty.

Fruit Pastille lollies are still, to this day, called Kitty lollies due to the stash Mum used to keep in the freezer.

Making a Leap

I’d done a demo & joined a voice over agency but really felt like I was lost in the mix. I was driving us back from somewhere and my husband suddenly turned to me & said, “You need to set up your own Voice Over company & call yourself Red Kitty!”

It was brilliant. My own venture, my own creation, with my wonderful parents right there in the title. Mum & Dad – this one’s for you.

Ask for Help

The start of this process has been fraught with worry & self doubt. What if I can’t do it? It’s a struggle but I’m trying to kick self doubt to the kerb, silence that inner voice that says I can’t and start saying – YES, I CAN!!

I haven’t been able to do this entirely on my own. I’m learning that everything in life is better with collaboration. Instead of waiting by a door for it to maybe open I’m opening that door and asking for what I want. I’m asking for help, advice, calling in favours & knocking on doors.

Don’t know how to build your own website? ASK SOMEONE!! I did & enlisted the fab team at Bee More Design. Thanks Bee More for listening to my ideas and help my dreams become a reality.

So I guess the takeaway for this first blog post is – Stop saying no I can’t & start saying – YES, I CAN!

Lets all shout it from a roof top! If you have a dream don’t just keep dreaming but tell those that can help to make that dream a reality. If you build it, they will come. I’d love to hear all your inspirations, tips & business ventures. We are all in this together. Look out for my next post discussing setting up my voice over equipment, getting out of my comfort zone & getting technical!

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